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What I do...

I offer a free initial consultation to meet both you and your pet needs to ensure your pet is safe under my care. I will ask you to complete a pet information sheet about you and your pet details and needs, habits, foods, timing and/or any medical conditions. I will include a veterinary release form authorizing me to provide any emergency treatment (shall this happen) in your absence.

I am happy to administer medications your pet might requires together with:

  • Check on the welfare of your pet.
  • Feeding, giving fresh water, grooming, play and exercise with your pet (if permitted..)
  • Watering your plants and pick up your post.
  • Clean out cages and litter trays.
  • Switch TV and lights on/ off and adjust curtains to your liking.
  • Clean up of any accidents.
  • Keep your pets and areas around tidy.
  • I will send you updates of your pet if you wish: videos, pictures, e-mails and texts as you desire.
  • No advertised vehicles or uniforms. Your home will appear occupied while you are away.
  • Flexible to discuss more services if required. Please contact me for details.

My Visits

I will aim to carry your pet’s visits at the same times each day to stick to a routine. My visitation times are approximate to your pet or home needs.
My visits are carried out between 9am and 9pm.Specifically timed visits such as visits to diabetic pets on medication/specific diets will be prioritised to stick to pet’s routine. If you require a visit before 9am or after 9pm please contact me with details, I’m flexible.


I am available 7 days a week should that be for a single day or several weeks. I am also very flexible with my availability and with very short notice.

Since this is a personal business, all queries and services would be completed by me, unless I am absent for an annual holiday or any emergencies. In this case, I will be able to provide up to two people who are DBS checked and trained to care for animals.

Pet Transport

For those who work or have mobility issues, I will be happy to assist you if your pet needs to travel to vet or grooming services or any other destinations. Quotes apply individually upon pet needs and travel distances.

House Sitting

Don’t own a pet? I can still provide reassurance whilst you are away from your home.

I will regularly check your property and look after your belongings as well as:

  • Water your plants.
  • Pick up your post.
  • Empty your bins.
  • Switch TV and lights on/ off and adjust curtains to your liking.
  • No advertised vehicles or uniforms. Your home will look pretty much lived at all times.
  • Flexible to discuss more services if required. Please contact me for details.


Losing a pet is a very emotional time. It impacts our lives on so many levels, and there are often many things to think about and do, when you are trying to cope with your loss.

I can offer help with some of the more difficult tasks you are faced with at the end, like collecting your pet from the vet and personally taking them to you or the crematorium. Helping with disposal of medications, or collection of belongings from the vet.

If your pet passes away at home and you wish for them to be cremated, I can transport your pet to the crematorium and return the ashes to you personally.

As I have done this previously I can assure you that this service will be carried out by me in the upmost compassionate manner and dignity.  

I primarily offer this service for those who are struggling with their loss or have mobility issues.

My aim is to offer you support in a way that you need. Everyone is different and I want to tailor my service to meet your needs.

Please get in touch and we can discuss your needs to see if I can make the process a bit easier for you.

Overnight Stay

This service will only be available for severely poorly pets which need constant care while you are absent. Please enquire for quote to discuss your pet’s needs.


I work in collaboration with Lisa from St Claws Academy helping preventing behaviour challenges from happening. Advice and training for your felines friends.

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