Terms & Conditions

Bookings and Cancellations

1.1 Bookings are subject to this Terms and Conditions. Variation to the Terms and Conditions may be made from time to time and it will be posted on the website under T&C.

1.2 When you’ve made a booking with me through the website, WhatsApp, Email, Text or phone call it will go through as an official booking. This means that your pet name or house will be in the diary and I will be made available for that slot of time you have requested.

1.3 My cancellation policy is as fair as possible and as long as you give me 14 days notice there will be no charge together with valid reasons.

1.4 Failing to notify me after 14 days the full amount of your booking will be invoiced.

1.5 No refund will be given for early arrivals, holiday cut short or cancelling my service early.

Health and Safety

2.1 All pets must be fully up to date with their vaccines, flea and worm treatment.

2.2 The client agrees to provide full and detailed information about their pets on the client form. You agree to keep me informed of any changes to your animal including any medical conditions or/and prescribed medications.

2.3 During my assignment should arise an emergency situation regarding the health or any concern of your pet please rest assured that I will try to contact you in the first instance. If your pet requires a trip to the vet I will transport to your veterinary surgeon or if this is not possible due to distance or opening hours I will attend the nearest surgery if I deem the situation time critical. Any veterinary visit will be charged at a rate of £22 per hour.

2.4 Clients need to inform me of any changes regarding your contact numbers, addresses, your emergency contact details and other pertinent information.

2.5 Emergency contact details must be provided on your booking form. The emergency contact needs to be an independent person (ie. not one of your holiday party) and authorised to make a decision on your behalf and step in should a situation with myself, your house or pet arise and I am unable to get in contact with you.

2.6 Should any guest, family member or any third party be invited to your house during your absence, my service will terminate and no refund will be given.

2.7 I will aim to visit your pet at the same times each day to stick to a routine but I reserve the right to visit outside the allotted time slot in case of any situations or problems might arise on other visits.

2.8 Specifically timed visits such as visits to diabetic pets or/on medication or specific diets will be prioritised to stick to their routine.

2.9 Happy Pet Sitting will feed your pet exclusively with the food that is provided by you. No treats/drinks/foods of any kind will be offered to your pet and only exceptionally with your written consent.

2.10 During some assignments a helper or trainee assistant might be present.


3.1 It is client responsibility to insure their house and their pet.

3.2 Happy Pet Sitting will not be held responsible for damages to your house including carpets, rugs, furniture, personal belongings, floors, plants or lawns caused by your pet playing, biting, scratching, urinating, spraying vomiting or defecating. Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up accidents caused by your pet with cleaning materials made available by you. You will be kept updated of any damage I consider unusual and of course if I am concerned about the health of your cat I will alert you immediately.

3.3 Happy Pet Sitting will not be held liable for any break-ins or vandalism on your property during my service with you.

3.4 The client is responsible for the cost of any necessary treatment and veterinary bills.

3.5 Extreme weather conditions may mean a curtailment or cancellation of my service at short notice. Clients will be kept updated and I will aim to arrive as soon as possible to visit your pet.

3.6 Happy Pet Sitting will terminate a booking immediately if it reasonably thought that a pet is badly behaved or aggressive and considered to be dangerous. You will be liable should your pet caused severe injuries to myself or my staff and legal action will be taken should you failed to disclose your pet behaviour during first consultation.

3.7 Clients must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the client’s absence. (ie, food, medications, cat litter etc..) Should pets require any additional supplies whilst under my care, these will be purchased and added to the bill.

Payments & Charges

4.1 My charges are set out on the website and they will be set out to you in full in your invoice.

4.2 Happy Pet Sitting does not accept debit or credit cards and will expect payments either cash or bank transfer.

4.3 Christmas, Easter, Bank Holidays and festivities are charged double the normal rate.

4.4 All payments must be cleared prior to my service to start.

4.5 Were payment is not received in accordance with these terms and conditions of the business, Happy Pet Sitting reserves the right not to proceed with any previously agreed booking and arrangements.

4.6 All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation, fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.

Outdoor pets

5.1 Should your pet have free access to the outdoors Happy Pet Sitting cannot be held liable for any disappearance, injuries or death.


6.1 COVID-19 spreads from person to person through small droplets, aerosols and through direct contact. Surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with COVID-19 when people with the infection cough or sneeze or touch them. People who have COVID-19 can infect others from around 2 days before symptoms start, and for up to 10 days after. They can pass the infection to others, even pets and if they have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, which is why they must self-isolate.

6.2 Pet owners who have COVID-19 or who are self-isolating with symptoms should restrict contact with pets and wash their hands thoroughly before and after interacting with their pet.

6.3 In the unfortunate event should I contract Covid-19 or any other viral/bacterial infection of this kind, your booking will be retrieved with immediate effect. This procedure will be carefully considered and taken very seriously by me to safeguard both mine and the health of your pet. Should this happen during my assignment with you, all remaining fees will be refunded and your emergency contact will be called.

6.4 Due to the nature of my job been in contact with both households and pets, is detrimental that you need to alert me immediately should you contract Covid-19 or any other viral contagious infections prior to my pet sitting. Failure to disclose and/or comply with self-isolation will result with immediate cancellation of your booking with no refund.


7.1 Your keys will be collected from you during our free initial consultation when I meet you and your pet in your own home.

7.2 At the end of my assignment you will be asked to confirm your return home by text and if previously agreed, I will keep your keys for future bookings or if key return is requested, clients are responsible for pickup or drop off keys directly to myself.

7.3 You will be asked to give a set of keys to your emergency contact provided in the client sheet form. This is a precautionary measure in case of any emergency or key loss.

7.4 Clients are responsible to ensure fully functionality of all keys and locks. If I cannot access your property due to a faulty key or lock, then there will be no refund for the cost of the visit and your emergency contact will be called.

7.5 There will be a session charge for a key drop off should you find yourself to be locked out from your home.

7.6 Shall clients decide to keep their keys in between assignments, it will be their responsibility to collect/drop off keys at my property.

7.7 All keys will be stored in a safe and your personal information will be kept secure electronically and confidentially. Keys will not be marked with any addresses but will be identified by a name and a random number code by me. For more information see Privacy Policy


8.1 You agree for me to take pictures of your pet to be used on my website. These will be uploaded unanimously respecting your privacy, details and addresses.

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